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What does Seta mean? Seta is a term that describes the morphology of plants. It is typically used in regards to moss. Mosses are also known as sporophytes. It stem or stalk that supports the stalk that supports the capsule. More Info On Seta When it matures, the seat will usually rapidly elongate, and it brings the capsule […]


What does Sessile mean? In botany, sessile refers to leaves that are directly attached to the plant’s base. These leaves do not depend on any stalks and are borne directly from the plant’s stem since they do not have a petiole. In these types of plants, the flowers also expand straight from the stem. More Info On Sessile […]


What does Sesquiterpene mean? Sesquiterpene is one of the fragrant oils of the cannabis plant. It is considered to be one of the primary terpenes found in fresh bud oil and accounts for about seven per cent of the plant’s overall terpene makeup, but such percentages deviate widely by cannabis type and strain. The main function of […]


What does Serenade mean? In gardening, Serenade refers to a fungicide designed to control and suppress various types of plant diseases. This product can safely be used on vegetable gardens, trees, shrubs, roses, nuts, houseplants, fruits, foliage and various types of flowers. Unlike other fungicides, Serenade may be applied in full sunlight with no risk of plant […]


What does Septum mean? In plants, as in mammals, a septum is a partition that separates two or more chambers, called locules. These are found in anthers (the pollen-bearing part of a stamen), fruits, and sporangiums (found on spore-producing plants, such as ferns). The term “septum” is used in both animal and plant biology to refer to […]


What does Sepal mean? In plant biology, a sepal is the outer part of the angiosperms. A group of sepals enclose a developing bud and are mostly green in color. A sepal typically functions as protection for the flower while it is budding and often supports the petals when in bloom. Sepals are collectively referred to as […]


What does Sensimilla mean? Sensimilla is a highly concentrated type of cannabis. Unlike other types of cannabis, sensimilla contains no seeds. Sensimilla refers to many strains of marijuana where the female plant is allowed to only produce flowers, but is left unfertilized so does not progress on to produce seeds. Its unfertilized state contributes to the plant’s […]

Semipermeable Membrane

What does Semipermeable Membrane mean? A semipermeable membrane is any biological or synthetic membrane that allows certain molecules or ions to pass through while restricting others. A semipermeable membrane has spaces between the solid portions of its structure that enable certain substances or molecules to pass through, but are designed to restrict others that are of a […]


What does Selfing mean? Selfing is the ability of a plant, or the intentional coordination of environment to achieve selfing, to produce seeds without being pollinated by another plant or requiring another plant for any part of seed production. Plants that can “self” are hermaphroditic plants that self-pollinate. A selfed plant will produce male and female flowers, […]

Self Watering Planter

What does Self Watering Planter mean? Traditionally, a self-watering planter is made up of an outer pot that holds water. The outer pot cradles an inner pot that holds the plant and soil. A wick usually joins the two pots together. The wick allows the plant’s roots and a process known as a capillary system to pull […]
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