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Mary’s Medicinal THC Patches

Today, we review Mary’s Medicinal THC Patches.

Marijuana for Meditation

Marijuana and Meditation: Duo for a Spiritual Elation Gaining control of the stress that you get going through your day to day life is important. To quote Buddha: “It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or […]

What Do You Need to Know About Cannabicyclol – CBL?

What Do You Need to Know About Cannabicyclol – CBL? If you are familiar with Cannabis, then you must know that Cannabicyclol – CBL is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid present in Cannabis. Just like cannabinol, CBL is also a degradative product. It converts from cannabichromene into CBL through the light. Properties and Structure of CBL Molecule […]

Increase Your Hunger and Feed Your Soul at the Same Time

Increase Your Hunger and Feed Your Soul at the Same Time “You can’t do anything productive with an empty stomach,” this is the phrase we all grew up listening to. Well, one thing is for sure that we live in a world where we get up every day and try to overcome new challenges. But […]

A New High with These Marijuana Strains

Give Your Parties a New High with These Marijuana Strains What is life without fun? Like a pen without ink, you may live but you won’t be able to make memories… quite useless right? So, don’t be a pen without ink. Be a person, full of life and fun. Well, is there a better way […]

Cannabis Strains You Need to Try At Least Once in Your Life

Cannabis Strains You Need to Try At Least Once in Your Life Cannabis users have a penchant for trying new things. After all, where’s the fun in having the same strain every time? You want to try as many cannabis strains as you can, if for nothing else, then just for the experience. Here, we […]

Top Marijuana Strains to Boost Your Gains

Can Cannabis Help You Gain Muscle Mass? “Are you insane?” The first thing you probably might hear if you tell someone that cannabis may help with muscle gains. Believe it or not, there are recent studies which support the claim made above. Who knows athletes might be even using marijuana strains already to enhance their […]

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your High

From Heavens Back to Earth — 10 Ways to Reduce Your High We know the importance of getting high, but there is nothing wrong in staying on the ground at times. The high being discussed in this post is usually the result of overdosing. It is important to know about your limit before inhaling in […]

Top 5 Stoner Cartoon Characters from Your Childhood

5 Animated Stoners That Made Your Childhood Dope We all loved or probably still love cartoons! They helped us learn new things and most importantly, they kept us entertained. Well, you might be unaware of the fact that a lot of cartoons from our childhood had a lot of marijuana references indirectly, or even directly […]

The Most Popular Cannabis Drink in India

Bhang: Getting High the Indian Way Consuming edible cannabis-based food and drinks may seem to be a new trend, but people of the sub-continent have been doing this long before it was cool. Bhang: an edible cannabis drink that Indians have been making for more than 1000 years. It is an essential part of every […]
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