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Microdosing With Cannabis: Benefits Without Being Stoned on Marijuana

Micro-dosing Cannabis Without Getting Stoned We are strong believers in microdosing with the strong belief less is more What is microdosing? Microdosing basically means taking a very small or microdose of cannabis to get the effects of THC or CBD.  These are the two main active ingredients in marijuana or cannabis.  The good news is that […]

Cannabis: Grown For The Patient Or Profit?

Has Corporate Cannabis Greed Gone Too Far? Do you ever stop to think what the hell you are consuming every now and then? This question is something that has been crossing my mind more and more as the cannabis industry keeps growing and demand is at its highest ever! So many companies are in it […]

Why Is Vaping Cannabis Not Mainstream, Yet??

Is Vaping Cannabis Mainstream, yet? Why is it that vaping cannabis is not mainstream like the ever-growing ECIG? I can’t understand why are we not vaping our medication. Everyone is looking for healthier choices and for tobacco, everyone turned to vaping but in the cannabis world, smoking is still the preferred choice…..blows my mind that […]

Medical Cannabis and Legalization In Canada

Canada v. Medical Cannabis The medical cannabis business has drastically changed in the last 2 years with all the talk of general legalization of cannabis sales, but what will it actually do for us medical users? Yes, I am a supporter of legalization but not sure what will happen to us medical users when this […]

420: The Origin Story of the Cannabis Culture Holiday

Everybody who smokes the cannabis plant or not knows about the fact the 20th of April or 4/20 is considered to be the national holiday for all of the people in the cannabis culture. The thing is that even though everybody knows about 420 and what it represents, nobody is really sure about why or […]


WHAT IS A VAPORIZER?   A vaporizer is a device used to heat an herbal product gently to a temperature high enough to vaporize or boil the active compounds in the herbal product. The active compounds in cannabis such as THC, CBD, THCv and CBG just to name a few, will be released at temperatures […]

The 4 Rarest Strains of Marijuana in 2018

Marijuana connoisseurs who have tried all of the strains they can get their hands on and really know how to appreciate a good plant be prepared. This here list contains the rarest of the rare strains of marijuana to look forward to in 2018. You really want to search far and wide for the rarest […]

Marijuana and Coffee – Does Drinking Coffee Improve Your High?

When it comes to the world of drugs, coffee is the mustard to marijuana’s ketchup – they are a match made in heaven. Why is it that these two popular drugs complement each other so much, you ask? Does drinking coffee really help to improve your marijuana high? Well, there’s a bit of a relation […]

3 of the Strongest Sativa Dominant Strains in 2018

With every passing year, technology keeps advancing and so does our understanding of biological elements in cannabis that make us high. Science has allowed us to become capable of making cannabis stronger using the prospect of cross-breeding different strains and creating hybrids. Here is a list of the top most Sativa dominant strains out there […]

Why Judge Me? It’s A Prescription For Cannabis.

Ever since I started my journey with medical cannabis the biggest thing to me is how people are so quick to judge! Why is it a bad thing, if I can now get a good night’s sleep? I now am able to get through the day without any migraines or sharp pains shooting up and down […]
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