What does Striated mean?

Striated plant fiber has parallel lines or grooves that appear on the surface of the leaves, stems, bark, or other plant regions. The striated lines are actually a component of the plant’s cellular structure.

Typically, a striated plant has long, striated fibers that run parallel to each other. The fibers are visually discernible on the plant’s surface and give the plant a unique appearance.

More Info On Striated

Plants have three cellular structures: dermal, ground, and vascular. Striated lines appear as furrows, lines, stripes, or ribbed surface fiber.

The origin of the word striated is from the Latin term ‘striare’, which translates to ‘grooves’. Plant fibers with a striated surface tend to be loose and expandable. Some plants have stria that appears in different visual colors or striping.

Many tree species have ornamental striated bark. The Acer davidii, commonly called the ‘Snakebark Maple’, boasts striated bark. The tree’s young shoots appear in reddish hues with a white striated appearance that looks like white veins running through the bark’s surface.

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