Verticillium Wilt

What does Verticillium Wilt mean?

Verticillium wilt is a plant disease caused by a fungus. It often afflicts marijuana plants and other types of crops that are growing in rich soil that does not adequately drain.

To become inflicted with verticillum wilt, first a plant has to be somewhat stressed out to be vulnerable to the fungus. If the leaves at the base of the cannabis plant start to wilt and turn yellow, then the plant might be afflicted with verticillium wilt.

As the fungus progresses, the leaves turn grey and start to die. The stem often turns brown at the base close to the soil line.

More Info On Verticillium Wilt

Verticillium wilt eventually causes the xylem vessels of the marijuana plant to become clogged so the plant can no longer take in liquid or nutrients. Therefore, it might appear to be a nutrient deficiency at first, or plants may appear thirsty.

The fungus can be prevented by using only adequately aged compost, using sterilized soil, ensuring the soil has adequate drainage, or growing your cannabis plants hydroponically.

If a plant becomes infected with verticillium wilt it should be promptly removed from the other plants and disposed of to prevent the fungus from spreading throughout the greenhouse or grow room. Fortunately, the spread of verticillium wilt is somewhat easier than controlling powdery mildew or bud rot, as it often stays contained to just a plant or two.

However, great care should be taken when removing the plant and the infected soil because the fungus is spread via spores, which can quickly become airborne and transfer to your healthy marijuana plants when disrupted.

The symptoms of verticillium wilt are similar to those of fusarium wilt and the two often become confused.

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