Strain Review: Kimbo Kush from Garden of the Budz of the Budz

Recently, we acquired some Kimbo Kush from Garden of the Budz in Colorado Springs, Colorado for review. How did it do?

Kimbo Kush, a strain named for the late great Kimbo Slice, is a heavy Indica-dominant hybrid with an award-winning family tree. The hybrid is a cross between Blackberry Kush and Starfighter, which gives it a very very pungent and fruity aroma backed with a heavy Indica high with every hit. Starfighter—also an Indica-dominant hybrid—brings a very sweet lemon flavor to a heavy Kush dominant genetics.

Kimbo Kush by Garden of the Budz was tested at 24.9% THC and brought a sweet, earthy aroma and a magnificent frosty trichrome structure. Kimbo Kush doesn’t fall far from it’s name and delivers a heavy Kush uppercut within a short amount of time.

The Kush genetics are become quite easy to notice once consumed. Within a few short minutes, I could feel an extreme heaviness set in. My head felt like an eight pound bowling ball held up by multiple invisible balloons. So, for this strain, we recommend consuming this at home when you can relax.

We felt really sedated and calm after putting back what seemed to be the equivalent of a Kimbo Slice uppercut to the cerebellum. We would never recommend this strain to anyone with an agenda. The overbearing stress of the world is released through every pull. We would not recommend this strain to anyone who had anything to do during the day and stick with the nighttime for this strain.

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