The Health Benefits of Apigenin

The Health Benefits of Apigenin

Apigenin is present in many plants including cannabis. It belongs to flavones class and a natural product that is the aglycone of different naturally occurring glycosides. There are many uses of apigenin. It is used in different industries and for different purposes.

Apigenin is a regular dietary flavonoid abundantly present in several vegetables, fruits, and Chinese medicinal herbs. Apigenin is found in many fruits and vegetables, but parsley, celery, celeriac, and chamomile tea are the most common sources.  It serves many physiological functions like strong anti-inflammatory antioxidants, antiviral activities, blood pressure reduction and antibacterial properties. This is exactly whey apigenin has been used as the traditional medicine for decades.

The compound is mainly found in different vegetables and fruits but its full effects on humans are yet to be figured out. Indeed, we know that apigenin significantly helps to calm nerves, fight cancer and provide antioxidant effects.

The Great Benefits of Apigenin

Here are some of the potential health benefits of Apigenin


Apigenin shows great anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces inflammatory responses, reduce cell death and even control the inflammatory immune response in the body’s affected areas. So far the studies have been conducted on mice and thus, we need more clinical trials on a human to fully understand these properties.

Fight Cancer

Apigenin helps in preventing cancer. COX- 2 is the enzyme which is responsible for tumor formation. However, apigenin has shown remarkable results in decreasing tumor formation. It blocks the COX-2 and prevents its regular functioning.

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