What does Propagate mean?

In relation to botany, to propagate a plant is to breed or create a new plant from a parent plant by using a variety of different means. This process can happen naturally or can be guided intentionally by humans.

Generally plants propagate through two different means: sexual propagation or asexual propagation.

Propagate can also be referred to as cultivate or breed.

More on Propagate

There is a wide variety of plant propagation methods, but they either stem from the sexual propagation method or the asexual propagation method. Sexual propagation is when plants are grown specifically from seeds or spores.

Many different plants reproduce through sexual propagation, but some can require special circumstances in order to propagate. For example, some seeds require smoke or fire to germinate.

Some plants may also require fertilization or be allowed to reach maturity before they are able to propagate through seeds or spores. In addition, plants produced through sexual propagation can have different characteristics from the parent plant.

In asexual propagation, plants are reproduced through cuttings, tissue cultures, or grafting. Plants grown from these methods will produce a plant that is genetically identical to the parent plant and is often referred to as a clone. Through these processes, plants are produced by using material from a parent plant such as roots, stems, and leaves.

Asexual propagation through stem cutting is one of the most popular methods of propagation and is often used for ornamental plants. In this method, a trimming or cutting is taken from a parent plant, and is then placed in water and allowed to grow roots of its own. However, this process can be expedited through rooting solutions.

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