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Cannabis Strain Review: Black Sugar Rose by Garden of the Budz

Today, we review the cannabis strain Black Sugar Rose by Garden of the Budz. Black Sugar Rose by Garden of the Budz Black Sugar Rose is an amazing medicine grown by Garden of the Budz in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Black Sugar Rose is a cannabis strain that is used for its many medical benefits. It is […]

Cannabis Strain Review: Kimbo Kush by The Chronic Boutique

Today, we review the strain Kimbo Kush by The Chronic Boutique. Kimbo Kush by The Chronic Boutique I have reviewed this strain before, and we decided to do it again from another grower here in Colorado. Kimbo Kush has some strong, Indica dominant lineage that delivers a serious uppercut of “f@ck it”, that ruined the […]

Strain Review: Tora Bora x The Ox by NuVue Pharma

Today, we review the strain Tora Bora x The Ox by NuVue Pharma. TORA BORA x THE OX – NuVue Pharma Take a trip to Costa Rica because this strain tastes like a tropical explosion. Tora Bora x The Ox, which is a high CBD strain, has one AMAZING flavor profile. This trip to the equator […]

Strain Review: Tangerine Kush by Quality Choice Dispensaries

Today, we review Tangerine Kush, by Quality Choice Dispensaries. Tangerine Kush If you are looking for a super Citrusy and Orangey cannabis that will rock your world, look no further, Tangerine Kush is here. This super Indica dominant hybrid embellishes what is the sunshine that ascends down on us every day through a super beautiful […]

5 Best Cannabis Strains That Help Relieve Nausea & Vomiting

Though nausea is not life-threatening by any means, to experience that restless feeling at any time of the day is just extremely uncomfortable. However, vomiting can take all the necessary nutrients out of your body and disrupt your daily routines. So, if you’ve been experiencing such bouts of nausea lately, then this article is for […]

4 Perfect Strains for Wake n Bakers

Rise and shine! For quite a lot of marijuana smokers out there, morning time is the best for rolling one up and smoking our favorite plant to start off the day. If you are one of the wake n bakers than boy are you in for a treat. These are the four perfect strains for […]

4 of the Best Indica Dominant Hybrids in 2018

4 of the Best Indica Dominant Hybrids in 2018 With THC numbers increasing every year, it seems that our favorite plant to smoke is getting better and better for our consumption. It’s 2018 and we’ve advanced marijuana technology to the extent that we are now capable of producing hybrids that take us up to the […]

Cannabis Strain Review: Do Si Dos x Gelato 41 by Altitude Organic Medicine

Today, we do a strain review of Do Si Dos by Altitude Organic Medicine. Marijuana Strain:  Gelato 41 x Do Si Do This strain has been a fan favorite for medical patients here in Colorado. Altitude Organic Medicine has grown this amazing product for the people. Gelato 41 x Do Si Dos was my preferred […]

Strain Review: Grease Monkey by Altitude Organic Medicine

Today, we review Grease Monkey by Altitude Organic Medicine. Grease Monkey Grease Monkey grown by Altitude Organics in Colorado Springs, Colorado was bred by Exotic Genetics. A cross between Gorilla Glue #4 (GG#4) x Cookie n Cream, this Indica dominant hybrid brought some amazing trichome structure and an even better oxymoronic high. Never have I […]

Strain Review: Blue Lime Pie by Altitude Organic Medicine

Today, we review Blue Lime Pie, by Altitude Organic Medicine. Blue Lime Pie Blue Lime Pie is a cross between Key Lime Pie x Blue Power. A 60/40, Indica dominant hybrid, this super flavorful nugget had an amazing berry taste. The specific berry flavor was soon pinpointed as a fresh pack of Berry Flavored Skittles. […]
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